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Welcome to the new DAKO Website. 

The Dallas Area Kitefliers Organization (DAKO) is a family club welcome to everyone who may wish to join.   Members of the club fly single line,  two line, 3 line, and quad line kites and some even fly multiple kites at the same time.  Whether you are here to just ‘see whats going on’ or you want to actively participate in the club,  we are glad that you stopped by.   Please go to our membership link and send an email with the requested information.

Please check out our Newsletter for current happenings and follow us on Facebook.


DAKO was created in 2001 by  two guys who met while flying at the park off of Dalrock Rd.   On a whim,  they formed the club.  They came up with the DAKO name which is the Japanese word for Kite.

See our Newsletter Link on the left for current club happenings!

Wanted:  Pictures of people flying Kites!  Send them to  Please send them at least 800x600 but no larger than a couple Meg in size.

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